21 July, 2017

Anaarkali of Aarah (2017)

Anaarkali (Swara Bhaskar) is an orchestra singer in South Bihar's Arrah. She is poor, sings double meaning lyrics and is treated as a sex worker. Dharmendra Chauhan (Sanjay Mishra), the Vice Chancellor of a prestigious university, is one of her many admirers. He molests Anaarkali in an inebriated state during a show and a war breaks out between the two. While Anaarkali wants justice for her ordeal, the system thinks it's the most natural accident that somebody like Anaarkali could meet.

Swara Bhaskar
Sanjay Mishra
Mayur More

Director: Avinash Das

Unfreedom (2014)

It is an urgent contemporary thriller about a society torn apart by political, religious, and sexual turmoil. Shifting between New York and New Delhi, the film juxtaposes two powerful and unflinching stories about religious fundamentalism and intolerance, one of which follows a Muslim terrorist attempting to silence a liberal Muslim scholar, while the other is about a young woman who defies her devout father and escapes an arranged marriage because she is secretly embroiled in a taboo lesbian romance. In this searing portrait of the polarized world we live in, all four characters go to their absolute limit-and beyond-in their struggle to defend their deeply-held and conflicting viewpoints on freedom, faith, family and love.

Victor Banerjee
Adil Hussain
Bhanu Uday

Director: Raj Amit Kumar

Kaun Kitne Paani Mein (2015)

The film wryly expresses the changes in hierarchy, caste and the power equation when water, the most important resource, vanishes and how the oppressed become the oppressors. The story is told through two villages which were split based on caste and money but never through water. In the current situation, through reversals of fortune, the old world order has been broken and water becomes the biggest game changer. It has a domino effect on everything from social order to economics, even love and marriage. The film takes a satirical look at respect for resources, caste divides, and rural life against the backdrop of a traditional love story but all set in a realm where water is the new currency. 

Kunal Kapoor
Radhika Apte
Saurabh Shukla

Director: Nila Madhab Panda

18 July, 2017

Klip (2012)


Jasna is a teenage girl living in the poor suburbs in the south of Belgrade, Serbia. She likes to record everything around her using a mobile phone camera. She is making videos of herself, her school friends, family and Djole - the boy of her dreams. Her family is a mess: father is terminally ill and mother is barely coping. That's why she is spending more and more time hanging out with her school friends, partying and drinking. At one of the parties, she finally starts a conversation with Djole and later they develop an intense sexual relationship. When he realizes that she will do anything to be close to him, Djole starts using her as a sexual object. Jasna starts to experiment with drugs and to skip school. Her life is getting out of control and she needs Djole to accept and reciprocate her affections.

Isidora Simijonovic
Vukasin Jasnic
Sanja Mikitisin

Director: Maja Milos

28 June, 2017

Sherpas: The True Heroes of Mount Everest ()

Sherpas The True Heroes of Mount Everest focuses on the hired Sherpas of a Swiss Everest Expedition Team. Among the Sherpas is Dawa, who has accented the Everest summit thirteen times. The film heroically showcases the role of Sherpas who make it possible for the big-pocketed Western climbers to reach the summit. Among other revelations, the film chronicles the Sherpas as they get stuck in climbers’ jam as over 50 expedition teams are vying for the summit, and all the while they fight against altitude sickness to appease their clients.

27 June, 2017

Diary of A Sex Addict (2001)

A middle-aged chef in a luxurious restaurant reveals to his shrink his double personality: He is an impeccable family man who loves his wife and son and at the same time a sexually hungry person who seeks pleasure at any time with any woman.

Michael Des Barres
Rosanna Arquette
Nastassja Kinski

Director: Joseph Brutsman

The Carrier (2015)

As an antibiotic-resistant pandemic devastates the planet, the only safe place is in the air.

Jack Gordon
Edmund Kingsley
Joe Dixon

Director: Anthony Woodley

Daraar (1996)

Raj Malhotra lives with his mother, and comes from a very wealthy family. He meets Priya Bhatia, who works with a real estate agency, and instantly falls in love with her. At first Priya will have nothing to do with him, but her blind mother, Nirmala, convinces her, and gets her to change her mind. Raj and his mom meet Priya and her mom, to finalize the marriage. It is then that Nirmala tells Raj and his mom that Priya is already married, and her husband is still alive.

Rishi Kapoor
Juhi Chawla
Arbaaz Khan

Directors: Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla (as Abbas), Mastan Alibhai Burmawalla (as Mustan)

Hawas (1974)

 Handsome and fairly good-looking Anil Kumar is employed with Natwarlal, who is a criminal gangster. Natwarlal asks Anil to find employment with Shailendra Singh, and after doing so, seduce his beautiful young daughter, Neetu Singh, marry her, and thus get himself a stake in their property and wealth. Anil agrees to do so, and does find employment with Shailendra. What he had not counted on was Shailendra's second wife, Kamini, who has an agenda of her own, and who decides to keep Anil for herself.

Anil Dhawan
Neetu Singh
Pradeep Kumar

Director: Saawan Kumar Tak (as Sawan Kumar)

Rui Ka Bojh (1997)

Kishan Shah is a self-respecting, wise old man who has divided his property amongst his family and now lives with his youngest son, Ram Sharan. However he is not able to get along with him and his family for too long.

Pankaj Kapur
Reema Lagoo
Raghuvir Yadav

Director: Subhash Agrawal

Dharm (2007)

The movie is about a Hindu priest Pandit Chaturvedi (Pankaj Kapur) who is one of the most highly respected priests in the entire city of Varanasi. A man who lives for his religion, soaked in years of ancient traditions, values and morals. He is a strict, yet lovable man. As any real priest would, Chaturvedi believes he is a disciple of God on this earth to spread God's message and love as he goes about his rigidly ritualistic world of pooja's and teachings. One day his daughter brings home an infant (Krish Parekh) and the mother of the infant has disappeared and cannot be found nowhere. Pandit Chaturvedi is hesitant to have the child around the house at first, and when it's confirmed that the child has been abandoned, he then makes the decision that the child will be raised in the local orphanage. However the Pandit's wife Parvati (Supriya Pathak Kapur) has by now developed a soft spot for the young child and requests her husband if they can keep and raise the child if as their own. Hesitant at first, the priest reluctantly agrees as his wife lies to him that the baby is the son of a Brahmin. Slowly, the child wins over everyone hearts in the house including Pandit Chaturvedi who finds a son, a disciple and a best friend in the child. The story takes a turn when the baby's mother returns to claim him back, and much to the shock of Pandit Chaturvedi, the lady is a Muslim. The child who they'd fondly named Karthik is in fact Mustafa. Pandit Chaturvedi is in a state of shock and utter despair as he feels he has done the biggest sin of his life and feel as if he has betrayed his religion and more-so God. In a state of recluse and regret, Pandit Chaturvedi decides to take a series of different vows and "vraths" to clear his conscience. However whilst his mind is telling him he has done a grave sin, his heart sorely misses his little son, and the words "babuji" echo in every corridor of the house. In a series of events, riots break out in the city of Varanasi, Mustafa's mum begs and pleads the Pandit and his family to take back the little boy as he is much safer with them. However the doors of the house are closed for the little boy. What follows next can only be only described as a journey as Pandit Chaturvedi defies what he has believed his entire life if "religion" and listens to his inner conscience in the rousing finale. 

Pankaj Kapur
Supriya Pathak
Pankaj Tripathy

Director: Bhavna Talwar

Road to Sangam (2010)

A simple story of a God fearing, devout Muslim mechanic named Hasmat Ullah who has been entrusted the job of repairing an old V8 ford engine, not knowing the historic significance that it once carried the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi which were immersed in the holy river Sangam. He is caught in a complex situation after a powerful bomb explosion rocks his town leading to the arrest of innocent Muslim youths of his locality. A strike to work is called by the prominent Leaders of his community to protest against the unjust treatment meted out to those arrested youths by the police. Will he support the protest and abandon the repair of the engine or go against the wishes of his community. Thus begins his journey.

Paresh Rawal
Om Puri
Pavan Malhotra

Director: Amit Rai

Einmal Hans mit scharfer Soße (2013)

Hatice is the older of two daughters of Turkish parents living in Germany. And while their father is open minded and has adapted to the Western lifestyle in most regards, he still stands firm on some Turkish traditions. One of them is that a younger daughter cannot get married before her older sisters. With her younger sister already pregnant, Hatice is under pressure to find a husband in a hurry. But she isn't going to marry just anybody. Her husband must be German. And he must have the fire of a Turkish man. The search of a suitable man is on.

Idil Üner
Adnan Maral
Siir Eloglu

Director: Buket Alakus

Hansa (2012)

Two friends, a pregnant mother, and a daughter search for her father who has disappeared.

Trimala Adhikari
Abhay Joshi
Ashish Kumar

Director: Manav Kaul

MP3: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar (2007)

Delhi-based Rohan Sood lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his businessman dad, Shekhar, and mom, Renu. He attends St. Lawrence High School and is friendly with Vasu, Sudhir and Javed, and together the friends land in hot water virtually everyday. Then everything changes when he first sets eyes on heart-achingly beautiful new student, Ayesha Mehra, who was born in London, England, and also lives a wealthy lifestyle with her mom, Sheetal, and businessman dad. Both Rohan and Ayesha are attracted to each other and decide to go on a Karaoke date - with disastrous results as both end up in a vehicle accident. Their relationship sours with rumors of Ayesha being attracted to Shantanu and Rohan dating Simran, and both part ways. Ayesha and her mom decide to go to Paris to visit Parminder and her husband, Tony. Realizing that he now loves Ayesha, Rohan decides to travel to Paris, clear the misunderstanding, and win her over. In order to do this he misuses his dad's credit card to book an air-ticket, as well as forges school documents to show that he is attending the Math Olympiad. He does reach Paris but is unable to locate Ayesha. When he approaches the Indian Embassy, he is detained and may well be deported back home to possibly face his angry dad and school authorities. 

Menekka Arora
Sarthak Bhasin
Sagar Chawla

Director: Robby Grewal